DMITRY MARKOV Coins & Medals

Sell: If you still didn't find what you're looking for in our broad online selection, feel free to contact us with specific needs - only a small part of our extentise inventory is displayed online.
Buy: We're always on a market for a better quality single items, as well as entire collections.
Auction: We're always glad to accept your duplicates on a consignment basis - please contact for details.
Appraisal: We perform quality appraisal services, based on our 32 years of expertize in the field. We guarantee a friendly and professional service, proper forms, etc. - all in compliance with IRS, and other institutions. Since we're in this business 24x7, you can rest assured that we keep our hand on the market's pulse. We charge for this service by the hour.
Auction representation: We attend in person or represented at the most important auctions, containing Russian material. We'll be happy to share our expertize and represent you at auctions for a small commission fee.
Building a collection: We can assist you in building a special and unique collection of your choice.